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GPR Survey Advantages For Utility Mapping

Utility mapping is what is used to figure out the exact location of underground wires, pipework and other utilities that are located underground. This is a civil engineering process that actually saves a great deal of money and time since it prevents hitting utilities and the repair work required if this occurs. When you have a correct utility map, it would allow project planners to determine the project cost with good accuracy.

With that said, utility mapping does have some challenges. One of the issues for surveyors is the accuracy of the maps and records. After all, finding the location of hidden utilities is a difficult task in itself.

Exactly what type of technology is utilized for this?

The SUE or Subsurface Utility Engineering sector has created new ways of dealing with these issues over the last couple decades, especially when it comes to finding and mapping infrastructure located underground. Non-technical methods as well as geophysical technology is utilized to gain as much data on underground infrastructure.

The most widely used technologies include:

EMI or Electromagnetic Induction

This is an alternative to GPR which is Ground Penetrating Radar that is widely used and more popular. EMI uses a transmitter for electrical current to create a main magnetic field. Then, once the receiver is put on the correct frequency, it creates deflections in the field which are used to find utilities underground. This is particularly helpful in areas where GPR would have issues due to high moisture soil. However, keep in mind that this can be negatively impacted by any metal objects over the utilities.

GPR OR Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR is the main type of technology that is utilized for precision utility mapping in Limerick. It releases directional electromagnetic waves that are in GHz and MHz range and the signal that comes back is used to find out the location of underground utilities.

Advantages of utilizing GPR

This type of technology is extremely accurate as it enables you to find non-metallic as well as metallic underground utilities. As a result of this, most surveyors greatly prefer to use GPR to do utility mapping surveys. Some of the things GPR offers includes:

Lower cost

Ability to get data quickly

Images are in high resolution

With that said, GPR can be negatively impacted by oblique measurements as well as high soil moisture. So, when you use this technology along with radio detection or other technologies, it can offer a higher degree of precision when it comes to the end result of utility mapping.

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