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What You Can Do In Harrogate

1. Get Some Walking In At Brigham Rocks

This can be a great place to stretch your legs. Brimham Rocks is a National Trust site full of unusual-looking rock formations about 30 feet high. These rock formations have unique names like The Dancing Bear, The Camel, and more. Why should you visit? These boulder formations were formed a whopping 320 million years ago. If that doesn’t leave you in awe, what will?

You can’t miss this: The countless walks available. You can take different routes including one that takes you through Pateley Bridge. This walk will have you passing the single oldest sweatshop on the globe as indicated by the Guinness Book of World Records. There are a plethora of Harrogate hotels for a base for your stay.

2. Get Some Peace And Quiet At The RHS Garden Harlow Carr

This garden is can’t miss. It’s a beautiful 58-acre garden and woodland that sits at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales.

Why should you go? This is a garden that will deliver you much-needed quiet. You can get tranquility that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. You will find a range of different colorful plants and flowers from all over the world.

You can’t miss this: Having an enjoyable walk and stopping by Betty’s Tea Room.

3. Visit Space Vintage and Retro

This is a vintage store that is full of cool things. You will find vintage clothing, records, and even furniture. The shop spans two floors and it even has a cafe. The store can deliver you 1,500 square feet of vintage exploration.

Why you should go? To find some of the best deals anywhere. You won’t be able to find a lot of these deals or products at local stores. Whether you want vintage clothes furniture or records – you can find a lot of cool stuff. It also happens to be conveniently below Tom’s Social which means you can get yourself a pizza if you get hungry.

You can’t miss this: The furniture they have from the mid-century. They have some incredible pieces of furniture that can add a lot of class to your home decor.

4. Visit Cold Bath Road

This is a road that is full of unique shops, cafes, and pubs. It’s located in Notting Hill and it features a bohemian aesthetic and vibe.

Why you should go? This is a very fun street to walk and explore. You can find a lot of unique boutiques full of interesting products. Whether you want to buy homeware or vintage clothing- there is something for everyone. Best of all, there are cafes and pubs you can use to refuel when you get thirsty or hungry.

5. Get Steamy At The Various Turkish Baths

What is a Turkish bath? It’s a Turkish-style steam room, pool, and spa. You will find these baths to be incredible and relaxing. They feature Moorish mosaics and terrazzo flooring.

Why you should go? These baths are some of the most unique places you will visit. They are actually what made Harrogate such a prominent place by the 19th century. These baths made the town one of the most visited locations for spas. However, more than its history, it’s the optimal place to get a good steaming and massage.

You can’t miss this: Go with a group and do a session. This can give you an affordable way to experience the unique steam that a Turkish bath delivers. You could also get a facial or a massage if you are willing to spend the money.

6. Learn Some History At The Nidderdale Museum

What is it? This museum is located around a couple of miles outside of Harrogate in a unique-looking town. This museum is community-run and it’s located in an older workhouse. It tells the story of the local people of the Yorkshire Dales.

Why you should go? While it contains many disturbing wax figures, it’s one of the most interesting places you will see. It’s cute and everyone that runs the museum is very passionate about the history they are telling. You can check out the different rooms that showcase how everyone used to live. You’ll find unique rooms like a Cobbler’s shop, Victorian Parlour, and even school rooms. It was only £2 which makes it worth the price of admission.

You can’t miss this: You can go around the corner and check out the King Street Workshops. This is a collective group of artist studios where you can find independent designers making everything from jewelry to glassware.

7. Check Out Baltzersens

What is it? This is a cafe that will deliver you some of the best locally sourced ingredients. However, they deliver these ingredients with much more of a Scandinavian twist. With it, you get to experience a unique Nordic taste right in Harrogate.

Why should you go? It delivers an excellent lunch and brunch. You will get some of the freshest tasting meals you will find anywhere.

You can’t miss this: You need to order the Polse. It’s a 100% Yorkshire smoked pork frankfurter. It features everything you could want on it including onions, maple mustard, ketchup, remoulade, and even pickled cucumber. You can also get it vegan-style if you are vegan.

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