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Latches are our meat and potatoes and what we’re known for. Every one of our latches is cautiously and exactly produced to quite certain resiliences and we particularly put an emphasis on the subtleties. Between our groups, we have more than 100 years of latch insight from giving mooring and clasp answers for huge public government framework ventures to wall mounting your television in the lounge. We consider every contingency. Our substantial screws are totally market-driving and we have created and planned north of 10 sorts of clasp that are presently common on the lookout. Assuming you have particular prerequisites or any clasp-related requests kindly make it a point to us and one of our experts will gladly help.

Utilize any of the routes focused beneath to explore through our clasp choice.

Our class framework is separated into enormous gatherings, kindly explore these and afterward channel your determinations, you can see them by:

Select a class utilizing the channel framework – kindly channel by subcategory then further latch choices will open up

Utilize the picture infographic menu – this will guide you to the fundamental latch classifications on our site

Utilize the high-level menus – you can go directly to an immediate item classification, eg substantial screws or anchor bolt latches

Utilize the connections down beneath to explore to any of our fundamental classes.

General fasteners

All our fasteners are rigorously tested and we can provide material certifications and any technical data to anyone who needs it via request. We offer these by request only as material certifications change with each batch and due to incoming and outgoing volumes the certifications change frequently. Please refer to individual product pages for further detail. Further product data can be found on each individual category page including technical documents, finish information and a broader overview of each fastener product and what it’s used for.


Range overview:

We stock a broad scope of plasterboard wall anchor latches made straightforwardly for Scrooz, Our plasterboard latches are made to our own elite presentation determinations and we sweat the subtleties. We vigorously stock all our plasterboard latches as they are for the most part perhaps of our greatest movers, particularly items like our screw canine plasterboard screws and our empty wall secures, which are both accessible in mass containers of 4000 and 800 pieces for huge volume clients. On the off chance that you are ever uncertain which latch to utilize kindly reach out to us and one of our clasp specialists can suggest the best item for your application.


Plasterboard clasp can frequently be confounding and hard to match to your application. We’d by and large prescribe you to utilize the screw canine plasterboard screws for anything exceptionally lightweight, speed plug clasp for anything marginally heavier (these are presumably the most famous plasterboard latch), and empty wall secures for anything medium obligation that might encounter some downwards force during its life, for example, fitting blinds, drape rails, and so on and utilize our hold uncompromising plasterboard secures for anything heavier obligation. Kindly view every individual item page for precise burden loads and suggestions. This is only a speedy aide.

You can peruse the reach by:

Select a classification utilizing the channel framework

Utilize the picture infographic menu

Utilize the high level menus

Utilize the connections down underneath.

Triple grip connectors

Triple Grips are efficient outlining sections used to simplify underlying associations in lumber rooftops, walls, floors, and general development outlining. They are provided pre-twisted for quick establishment in right and left and given renditions. All triple holds and scrooz, hardware are provided pre-punched for nail-fixed lumber joints and are accessible in both right-hand and left-hand choices.

For the most part, triple grasps are utilized in the association of rafters to a wall plate, rooftop brackets to wall plates, flyovers in rooftop support applications, and more broad wall plate interfacing. They are basically nailed on despite the fact that they can be in a bad way when important. Triple holds are one of the more well-known sections from our equipment class inside our electrifies steel lumber connectors.

Produced using 1mm aroused steel with 3.4mm pre-poke nail holes x 15 and 2 x 9mm measurement openings to permit fixing with rock solid screws or fasteners. Additionally accessible in marine grade 316 tempered steel for most extreme erosion assurance and long life.


High strength fast fixes lumber connectors.

Produced using 1mm electrifies or hardened steel.

Solid, savvy, and simple to introduce.

3.4mm breadth nail openings.

Helpful bolt openings as well as nail openings for an adaptable fixing arrangement.

Accessible in left-hand and right-hand profiles

Provided in exchange boxes and savvy mass containers for volume clients.


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