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A Helpful Guide To Maintain Your Network Wires And Data Cables At Home

Network wires and data cables are essential to transfer information and different types of data between computer devices, routers, and various storage devices. Therefore, data cabling installations are vital, especially in a corporate environment, where there is a constant transfer and storage of data. Choosing experienced and skilled technicians for data cabling in Brisbane can make the task easier for you.


Network cabling varies from the usual electrical cabling. This is because the network cables carry important data. Therefore, while installing these cables, you need to follow and maintain the rules. To install the business phone systems in gold coast and data cables efficiently, you should take the following points into consideration:

Labelling the wires:

Wiring can be a challenging job, as there are many cables and wires with which one must deal. This could create confusion and give rise to problems. Therefore, to avoid this, the labelling of wires must be done. This would make the process of identification of the wires easier. The cables could also be colour-coded. Colour-coding is another way for faster identification of these wires and cables. These differentiations by colour or labelling would be beneficial if the wires have to cover a long distance.

Do not bend the cable:

Bending the cable at more than a 90-degree angle would damage them. Apart from damaging the cables, it would also disrupt the data transmission that takes place through these wires.

Route the cable carefully:

You can use different objects such as a hanger or a tie to direct the cables. This could be helpful if the cables are supposed to go in one direction. This is because you would be able to tie them together. However, the distance between these wires must be maintained, because it could create an electromagnetic interference between the cables which could then create problems. The cables with the power supply and the data cables should thus be separated from each other to avoid this electromagnetic interference.

Maintain the data cables:

The network wires and data cables should not be left hanging. There should be a cable inspection that must be done at certain intervals of time. You must inspect if there is any kind of damage and should repair the wires when necessary. If there is dust settled on the cables you can wipe it off with a dry cloth. Ensure that the wires are subjected to a cool place so that they do not get heated quickly.

At a data centre, there are important rules that should be maintained while carrying out data cabling installations. This is because the data centres collect and store a huge amount of data which is extremely important. If the cable installation services are done properly, it might lead to the loss of important data. This loss of data would eventually lead to financial loss. Therefore, data cabling installers should take the following precautions when installing cables in a data centre:


Proper planning in cable installation should be done before starting with the process. Consider the types of wires and the hardware that you would have to install. You should know if this hardware or cables would interfere with the already existing system or not. Think about the future changes that would be required, such as the maintenance required in the future. The tests and certifications of the wires and cables should be done in advance to avoid any kind of problems.

Choose structured cabling:

There are two types of cabling – structured cabling and unstructured cabling. The structured cables can be more beneficial than the unstructured ones because they would enable you to wire cables at longer distances and through various departments. This structured cable also lasts longer and provides you with great uptime. Another advantage of structured cabling is its flexibility.

For data cabling in Brisbane and data cabling in Gold Coast, Express Voice & Data is the appropriate option for effective data cable installation. Express Voice & Data have a team of very experienced members. They also have ACMA industry licenses, and OH & S certificates. From home cable installation to cooperated cable installation, they would fulfil all your needs. For achieving this they would first know your needs and then take action accordingly.

They provide various services, such as Cat6 data cabling, Cat6a data cabling, Cat5e data cabling, testing and labelling, Conduit and pathway installation, and so on. Apart from all the cable installation services, they also provide installation of phone systems in Gold Coast. Express Voice & Data would help resolve any kind of installation issues at an affordable price.


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