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Top Trusted Crypto Wallet Development Companies in Dubai

A bitcoin or blockchain wallet is software that allows users to make transactions and check cryptocurrency balances on the blockchain. The public address specifically assigned to certain wallet users in the form of crypto-specific account numbers allows exchanges to openly broadcast a specific type of coin. Do you require a bitcoin/blockchain wallet for your business? If so, review the list of the top crypto wallet development companies below and select the one that best meets your needs.

  • Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the most reputable company for crypto wallet development in Dubai and provides a wide range of AI and crypto solutions to meet your business needs. The company has aided several clients worldwide with sturdy, scalable, and feature-rich solutions for all enterprises, whether large or small. Suffescom has teams of talented developers who are experts in the development of bitcoin apps and are specifically experienced in crypto wallet development Dubai.


Regardless of project size, the company serves its clients with similar attention. And it is this professionalism that propels the business to new heights, despite stiff competition. Through mobile, desktop, or web wallets, the IT firm provides streamlined and secure P2P transaction solutions for your business.


Hourly Rate: $25 — $49 / hr

Employees: 249–499

Year of Foundation: 2011

Location: Dubai

  • RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax Inc. is the next name on the list of top bitcoin wallet creation businesses. The organization is driven by top leaders and managers who never compromise on service quality. By providing cutting-edge blockchain solutions, the company established its reputation and clients’ trust. Members of the team have experience in cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, chatbots, IoT, AI, and machine learning.


With an innovative and agile approach, RisingMax has served clients from over 15 countries. This company’s philosophy has aided several firms in rapidly growing enormously. RisingMax’s blockchain developers work hard to provide opportunities for their clients on their blockchain journey. RisingMax is a one-stop shop for enterprises looking for cryptocurrency development services.


Hourly Rate: $25 — $49 / hr

Employees: 180

Year of Foundation: 2011

Location: Dubai

  • Best Web3 Development

Best web3 development is a hardware wallet maker based in San Francisco that was launched in 2013. The flagship product of the company is well-liked by bitcoin aficionados. A physical gadget that saves users’ private keys offline, improving security, is the best web3 development. Users can access their funds from any location using the web wallet. The company employs a wallet development team with years of experience and extensive understanding of the most recent technologies and development tools. Scalability, dependability, increased security, and fraud resistance are just a few of the advantages that make the company’s wallets the best option for you. The company offers Customized wallet development services to make the wallets most suited to your business needs.


Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

Employees: 250-999

Year of Foundation: 2013

Location: Dubai


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  • Western Stack

Western Stack was another hardware wallet manufacturer started in Dubai in 2018. The company has grown to include an office in San Francisco. The Western Stack is one of the most popular hardware wallets on the market, and it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The organization understands blockchain technology and creates new solutions that will help your business grow. The company’s crypto wallet is packed with unique features and technology, making it an ideal alternative for organizations looking to tap into the untapped potential of cryptocurrency. The company has a cutting-edge technology stack that includes numerous blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, and other developing technologies.


Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 / hr

Employees:  50-249

Year of Foundation: 2018

Location: Dubai


How to Develop Cryptocurrency Wallets?

You can either employ bitcoin development services to build a wallet for you or begin with a white-label solution. To produce blockchain-based products, these Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies often hire specialized programmers.


Before following the technique mentioned below, we presume you have a thorough understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • Choose the features: Consider what customers want, compare what competitors offer, and perhaps innovate. To prepare for the next steps, you must organize your resources and knowledge.

Use pre-existing open-source libraries, such as BitcoinJ SDK and Coinbase SDK. You might also want to look into cloning software. You can also do the following:

  • Use APIs: Coinbase, Bitcore, and Factom are three distributed ledger APIs that make it simple to link a cryptocurrency wallet to the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Use cloud development services: PaaS (Platform as a Service) from Amazon, Azure, and Microsoft is perfect for developing web apps, whereas BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) from Amazon, Azure, and Microsoft entails connecting cloud services with your application.
  • Choose a technology stack: For the iOS wallet app, choose Swift or Objective-C. Select Java or Kotlin for the Android application. For web apps, use Node.js or Angular.js, as well as HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Include top-tier security: Both bitcoin exchange development services and decentralized wallet developers understand the need of security for their hosted wallets. When building security for the app, consider two-factor authentication, face ID, and hardware authentication. Invest in code review, extensive testing, and auditing.
  • Begin development: Before coding and prototyping, app functionalities are designed. The following step is prototyping, which is followed by testing the application in real-world circumstances.


What to Consider Before Hiring a Crypto Wallet Solutions Provider

  • Particular Company Experience

When selecting a crypto wallet creation service provider, consider the company’s level of experience. Check to see if the company has a lot of expertise developing crypto wallets.

  • Portfolios that are up to date

It is critical to look at previous projects accomplished by a company in order to get a better understanding of it. Check if the crypto wallet development company you’ve chosen has a diverse portfolio of wallet development projects.

  • Reviews

The feedback provided by the company’s former customers is a significant criterion for determining the efficiency and credibility of any company. Examine the reviews on the wallet development company’s website. Make certain they are upbeat.

  • Human Resources

Check that the company has enough manpower resources. Also, ensure that the personnel working for the wallet creation company have sufficient experience and knowledge of crypto development tools and methodologies.

  • Time and cost estimates for development

These are the two most significant points to discuss with the wallet creation firm before finalizing them. Inquire how long it will take for the wallet to be ready for launch. Also, ensure that their development costs are within your budgetary restrictions.

  • Time it takes for a query to be answered 

When selecting a wallet development service provider, you should consider how quickly they answer your inquiries. Check the quality of their development team’s reaction as well.



  • What is the definition of cryptocurrency wallet development? 

A wallet is a type of currency that includes cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency wallet is a piece of software that allows you to access, transfer, and manage bitcoin funds. It is not an exaggeration to state that a bitcoin wallet is the ideal and unavoidable conclusion of cryptocurrency’s existence.


Wallets that are simple to use and intuitive make bitcoin available to the general public. The growing acceptance of cryptocurrency and its benefits necessitate the creation of cryptocurrency wallets.

  • What is the procedure for creating a cryptocurrency wallet? 

Cryptocurrency wallets are built from the ground up by writing code, cloning an existing application, or forking or building a new wallet from an existing one.


Although label solutions platforms can now produce a crypto wallet quickly, it requires a basic understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. A customized solution, on the other hand, would necessitate additional experience and knowledge.


Crypto wallet development firms typically have the knowledge and skills to design hack-proof security mechanisms. Other benefits include the prevention of double-spending and trading integration.


To build a wallet on a platform, follow these steps:

  • Download an app, such as the Coinbase app, or go to their website.
  • Register and validate a new account to get started. Certain decentralized applications may not require this.
  • Make a wallet, copy your private key or recovery seed phrases, and keep them safely offline.
  • Crypto can be sent, received, and transacted there.

  • How much time does it take to make a digital currency wallet? 

It is determined by the amount of work, expertise, and skills required, as well as the team’s and money availability. Full-time developers, on the other hand, will need four to six months. This should be sufficient for experienced, specialized cryptocurrency wallet app development firms to deliver a customized solution.


A cryptocurrency exchange development company may require more than a year to create a hosted wallet if the wallet is only one of many features. Nonetheless, these businesses begin with a schedule.

  • What is the price of creating a cryptocurrency wallet app? 

Depending on the duration of development, features or functionality to be included, and technologies used, crypto wallet app development companies charge between $10,000 and $1,000,000. To obtain an accurate estimate, you must provide specific details.


The price may also vary based on the location. For instance, if the wallet is to be a part of an exchange, the cost of exchange development services will increase.


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