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How Online Training Platforms For Teachers Offer Long-Term Benefits In Terms Of Imparting Education

The onslaught of Corona forced all educational institutions across the globe to implement online learning strategies right away to make up for lost time and keep up with students’ academic progress. Although it may have been a blessing, it is not without issues of concern. 

Since this was a major disciplinary reform that affected institutions, teachers, and students all at once, it required ad hoc planning and execution of adjustments from the ground up. Every time, there was a need for a new beginning, from the teaching approach to the use of technology and other components that would aid in implementing successful virtual classroom sessions.

Teaching remotely has been difficult, according to teachers. And one of the main statistically demonstrated causes of this is a lack of the technical know-how and equipment required to provide the needed education. The best solution is online training platforms for teachers, and below are additional suggestions that will help teachers teach effectively online and in hybrid mode alike. With technology playing an important role in imparting education in much better ways than traditional methods, teachers’ role has increased tremendously to make this a huge success. 

This post will discuss various online teaching techniques to help you improve your online instruction methods. 

Try Your Hand At Graphical Presentations 

A presentation is one of the most effective ways to present a concept. It seems that 65% of people learn best visually. In addition to lectures, using inventive graphics and slides will significantly improve students’ recollection of the material. 

It doesn’t work to rely solely on your words or entirely on the slides. It ought to be equitable. Additionally, engage in regular active dialogue with your pupils. They will remain engaged and be able to concentrate better as a result. Additionally, you might offer pupils a presentation assignment.

In this way, students can choose to learn on their own and can start honing their presentation skills at a young age. You might add a few stories to your presentation to make it more captivating and indulgent.

Using A Digital Whiteboard 

Written thoughts can always be communicated more efficiently than only verbal ones. If lectures are exclusively vocal, there is a chance that students will miss numerous crucial details. 

With new virtual teaching techniques, the traditional approach of taking notes has also advanced and gone virtual. Now is the era of digital whiteboards.

 On these boards, you can use text, connectors, and graphics. Several tools are available, including flowcharts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and graphic representation. 

 These methods will assist you in planning interactive sessions such as quizzes, presentations, group discussions, and other activities. They will also help you delegate and review assignments, brainstorm about lessons, upload documents, integrate multimedia content, and brainstorm about assignments.

More Frequently Attend Live Online Classes

This is only a synchronous method that allows for real-time two-way communication. Even though you may not be physically present in your classes, you will be able to add a personal touch.

Live virtual lessons allow you to monitor students while you are teaching and also enable them to evaluate their development in real-time. You can adapt the methods as needed based on how well your courses are doing.

Students can immediately clarify any questions they may have during these sessions.

However, there are a few considerations you should make while participating in live virtual classes:

  • Keep students interested by posing pertinent questions, sharing relevant information, etc., and always be prepared with a session structure.
  • Avoid giving your courses in a single, drawn-out session. Divide them into substantial chapters to allow for time and to aid in improved student comprehension. Utilise effective live class management solutions with cutting-edge LMS capabilities.

Engage In Constructive Debates And Conversations In Groups 

The feeling of isolation is one of the biggest drawbacks of online lessons. Therefore, hold group talks, make room for wholesome debate forums, and engage in other team activities to reduce this as much as feasible.

They will be more engaged in the material being taught, which will speed up their learning, and they will also be able to socialise virtually. Additionally, you can have a watched group chat window to engage with your classmates. This can serve as a place for subject-related discussions and assist in quickly resolving any student issues or questions. 

Take Screenshots And Videos

Teachers and students who are taking lessons online must produce a lot of films. As part of their projects, students must create videos that explain their thinking or work. The teachers must either record the in-person instruction or produce a video in which they respond to the student’s questions. 

Utilise the flipped classroom approach. Since its beginning, this has consistently shown to be one of the most successful online teaching strategies. Nine out of ten teachers have seen an improvement in students’ involvement. This approach completely contradicts everything that the conventional system promotes. 

Here, the students review the material and prepare for the upcoming lesson by studying it. Under the direction of the teacher, this is then put into practice through discussions, activities for addressing problems, group discussions, quizzes, etc.

Pre-recorded study materials are one of the key methods used in flipped classrooms. You can either record your own or, if possible, share your colleagues’ movies. To make it simpler for a larger student base to view these videos, you can also distribute them on a bigger platform like YouTube. 

There are other approaches as well. You can either use one of these or other experimental techniques to determine the most effective for you and your pupils. As you gain experience, you will learn and change. Almost nothing can be done perfectly the first time around. So, take a big breath and keep working hard.


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