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How to Use Acrylic Display Risers Effectively in Your Store?

Acrylic risers help create eye-catching displays that can be used to show off a desired product. These stands are simple in nature but have become powerful marketing pieces. So, if you plan to improve your displays, you need to get an acrylic display riser and use it effectively by following these tips.

What are Acrylic Risers?

These are displays that use multiple levels to focus on the products and often look like stairs. They are often found in retail outlets but can be used in boutiques, museums, book stores and homes. Retail stores should get an acrylic display riser as they are one of the best options for these stands since it offers durability and practicability. Acrylic or polymethyl methacrylate is also called plexiglass and is made from one of the clearest materials. Due to its transparent and clear appearance, it is often mistaken for glass. Since acrylic is clear, it helps keep all the attention on the products, not the stand.

Acrylic display risers can handle all kinds of environments and are half the weight of glass. They do not dent, rot, bow, or degrade over time and are extremely easy to clean and resist most chemicals. Moreover, it is a much cheaper way of displaying products, which can give you a great return on investment.

Acrylic display stands are one of the most versatile tools for any store as they keep the focus on the products and can be used in more than one way. They are extremely easy to put together and keep the products completely visible. Anything can look good on the clear acrylic display risers due to their simple design, which gives the products extra height to catch the eye. These stands are also easy to adjust to your point of sale display by moving them to any position you like.

Acrylic display risers keep the products organized and accessible. They are lightweight but tough enough to support your merchandise in any environment. These modular platforms can be arranged in a number of ways to showcase the merchandise in the best way possible.

How to Use Acrylic Risers to Create Eye-Catching Displays?

Acrylic risers are strong, attractive, and durable and help you display your products in the best way possible., but only if you know how to use them wisely to their full potential. These displays are pretty straightforward. You only have to place a product on top of the riser and place the stand in a prominent location in the store. Simply doing this can help your products gain the attention they require. However, there are even better ways to display your items to gain customers’ attention. Let us have a look at the various ways.

Stick to Your Store’s Style

Remember to communicate your brand’s image when creating a visual display. A display setting that contradicts your store’s overall message can jar the customers. So consider how your shop is decorated, whether it uses harsh or soft edges, what colors are used, and whether it is more open and spacious or tight and crowded. This can help you to create a display that complements your brand.

Another important factor to consider is your store’s layout, and your goal should be to make your customers look and observe your displays. You may also ask your marketing department for help or look up the internet for marketing and advertising examples.

Do Everything with Intention

Throwing some items on the acrylic riser and drawing some attention is easy. But it will not make a huge impact on your sales. However, adding intention to your designs can take you to a whole new level. One way to do this is to group things together by using the multiple levels of the acrylic risers. This is a perfect way to show off related groups of goods. Placing the ensembles together can increase sales. Remember that customers expect the most expensive item to be at the top of the riser.

Keep Everything Symmetrical

Symmetry can create a more claiming space than a more chaotic design. The display should have some kind of balance. Many stores place one item on the top riser with the other items placed on either side on the lower risers. This creates a nice triangle of related products. 

Symmetry should also be applied when adding colors, props, and other decorations. It can really help your display pop up if you stay on brand. However, ensure that you do not decorate the display lopsidedly. Asymmetrical product displays can create tension and turn the clients away.

Trust the Experts

If you are still unsure about using acrylic risers in the best way possible, you can always discuss it with your display supplier. Many suppliers offer a wide selection of acrylic displays at affordable prices, as well as the best advice on how to get the most out of your displays. You can reach out to the professional team and take a step forward to a more profitable retail business.

To Conclude

These acrylic risers are one of the most popular ways to display retail products efficiently. You can get them in many styles and sizes that will help you perfectly fit them in your store and create the best displays.

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