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8 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York City

Do you want to go to New York this time to celebrate the New year? Do you know where to celebrate your new year’s eve? The New York is a great place to celebrate New year eve. New year comes with new beginnings and you should always enjoy the new year and Eve in a memorable manner.  There are many ways to celebrate New year eve in New York City. As the festival season is around you should know Does Spirit Airlines have Black Friday? in the official spirit airlines.

What are the 8 ways to celebrate New Year Even in New York City

1. Ball Drop:

You can go to see the ball drop in Times square in New York. The ball drop is the prominent thing to celebrate your New York eve. The ball drop counts the sixty seconds of New Year Eve night. The ball drop starts at 11:59 pm on 31 December and ends in January the next year. 

2. Fireworks Cruising:

New year eve will be great if you go to cruising. Cruise has many things to serve you. You can go to open bar, live dj, restaurants and see the beautiful night in the cruise. The fireworks in cruise are beautiful. You can even take a water taxi to enjoy the night. Water taxi is a small vehicle where you can spend your time with your partner. 

3. Central park:

You can celebrate your new year even in Central park. In this park two new year eve events take place. The two events are Midnight run and fireworks. The firework takes place in Bow Bridge that look highly attractive and beautiful. The another thing is Midnight run. The midnight run is a four mile run that is sponsored by New York Road Runners. 

4. Brooklyn Bridge:

You can see the beautiful decoration in the bridge. You can stroll in the bridge until the countdown starts. As the festive season has started, you must know Does Spirit Airlines have Black Friday? Spirit airlines provides various offers on different events. 

5. New Year Eve Party:

If you want to enjoy your new year eve then you can go to attend the new year eve party. In Times Square New York, there are many clubs and restaurant that offers the new year eve party. You can join these parties to enjoy your day.

6. Coney Island Fireworks:

In New York there are different places where you can see the magnificent fireworks. The firework in Coney Island also offers live music. 

7. Madame Tussauds:

The place has multiple things to do. There’s an open bar that allows only people above 21 years. You can have delicious food in this place. Quite good place to enjoy the eve.

8. Firework in Prospect Park:

The fireworks are most prominent things to see in New York eve. In this park you can experience the mesmerizing fireworks. 

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the post guides you about the new year eve celebration. You can do many things in new year eve but in New York the celebration hits different.  The places mentioned here are perfect to spend the new year eve at evening or night. If you plan to travel through spirit airlines, then you should know about the Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 Seating Chart. The seating chart will give you details about the seating facility in the airplane.

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