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7 Top-Rated Things to Do in Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities of America and indeed has a lot to offer to its visitors. The place holds its intense history and showcases its heritage sites. This place is perfect for people belonging to every age. From kids to old age, each generation will find some engaging activities here. Also, don’t forget to book your Boston tickets with Spirit Flights for an effortless journey. To avoid the hassle, effortlessly opt for Spirit Airlines Check in Online policy. The policy starts 24 hours before the flight departure and ends precisely one hour before the flight.

 Find here the list of seven top-rated things you can do after visiting Boston.

Top-Rated Things to Do in Boston:

1. Must Tour on Boston Duck Boat

Whenever you visit Boston, don’t miss to take a Boston Duck tour. This boat tour will surely be one of the best rides of your life. The tour route is entirely of beautiful landmarks and offers the most serene view. Some popular destinations you can spot while taking the Boston Duck Tour are Hancock, Prudential Center, Trinity Church, Old North Church, Zakim Bridge Boston Common, Boston Public Garden, and many more.

2. Watch the Boston Red Sox Game & Tour at Fenway Park

Here, you can watch the major baseball leagues and tour the historic stadium. Thus, explore the iconic spot and see the artifacts present throughout the park. Make sure to visit the destination for the most beautiful experience.

3. Go to the New England Aquarium

Do visit the New England Aquarium for the most magical experience. The fantastic tropical fishes, coral reefs, the penguin colony, thus the aquarium offer much more interesting things to watch. Here, you can even watch the 3-D screen shows, giving you glimpses of breath taking marine life and nature based films. Also, remember to pre-book your IMAX 3D shows tickets as well.

4. The Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is a perfect place to explore with your family. Here, you can witness more than 700 exhibits, which creates a lot of curiosity among guests. So don’t miss the chance to explore through this unique destination to get the most fascinating experience. Also, do remember to check the visiting timings of this place.

5. Participate in the Freedom Trail Walking Tour

Without the Freedom Trail Walking tour, your journey to Boston will remain incomplete. This one-mile tour covers the major landmarks sites of Boston. You can tour the 11 historic sites and watch the fantastic highlights of Beantown. Here, you will find the costumed guides in your way, narrating the eighteenth-century history of Boston.

6. The Museum of Fine Arts

Art lovers shouldn’t miss this place in Boston as it showcases many art pieces and impressive collections. The art museum has 50 unique art galleries, which offer glimpses of the pre-Columbian period. Also, do visit the art shop which has ample clothing, toys, gifts, books, and more.

7. Visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

This library has the most extensive collection of John F. Kennedy, a charismatic and influential leader. You will find the largest material collections of the Kennedy family here. So this place is a must-visit for you when you are in Boston.

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We have provided all the relevant details for the top seven things to do in Boston here. Also, do make sure to visit the Spirit Airlines Check in online policy terms and conditions if you are opting to check in early for your designated flights.

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