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5 Unique Characteristics of the Best Singapore High School

Singapore has transformed from an underdeveloped country to an industrial and modern economy. Along with the transformation of the country, the schooling system also saw an enormous alteration. The education structure in this nation is known for being innovative and enriching for students. 

When you enrol your child at the best Singapore high school in the nation, they will develop exceptional aptitudes for various subjects, academic disciplines, as well as learning. In a nutshell, the best schools in Singapore offer an engaging learning experience to students while motivating them. 

If you are a parent and want your child to get the best education and extra-curricular training, here are a few crucial aspects that you need to know about top Singapore high schools.  

Features of a Singapore High School

A reputed and well-known Singapore high school will ensure holistic learning for students. From sharpening their linguistic skills to helping them understand the academic curriculum, there are quite a few benefits offered by these institutions. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

1. Learn Different Languages 

Children who can speak more than one language can easily interact with other people from different backgrounds and cultures. Being multilingual also broadens mindsets and helps students form a more open-minded approach to the world. 

Knowing a foreign language will surely enhance the communication skills of students. The languages usually taught at the high schools in Singapore are French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and German. Learning these languages builds the confidence of the students and helps them express themselves in a much better way. 

2. Singapore High School Follows an International Curriculum 

Many of the high schools in Singapore follow a curriculum that is globally recognized. If you have a transferable job and need to travel to several nations for work, your child will not face any issues when admitted to a new school. 

Internationally approved and globally recognized curricula will help them adapt quickly to the new institute they get admitted to since the environment of these schools is usually consistent. 

Some of the leading and reputed international curriculums followed by the Singapore high school are: 

  • International Baccalaureate [IB]
  • American Curriculum 
  • Indian Curriculum
  • Canadian Curriculum 
  • Australian Curriculum 
  • The UK Curriculum
  • CBSE 

3. Better Fees Structure than Kindergarten Singapore Fees

Many parents believe that high schools in Singapore, especially the international ones, are pretty expensive. However, one notable aspect is that these schools offer financial aid to students too. Just like the Kindergarten Singapore fees, you will see that there are quite a few cost benefits for parents. However, it is crucial to check the fee structure before enrolling your ward at these institutions. 

4. Diverse Range of Extracurricular Activities

The majority of the high schools in Singapore help students pick extracurricular activities of their choice alongside their academic curriculum. 

Since these schools focus on the holistic development of students, they emphasise the importance of partaking in extracurricular activities. These schools adopt a combined approach to help students grow academically, physically, mentally and emotionally as well. 

That’s the key to complete, all-round, and holistic development for a child. Here are a few activities that children mostly partake in: 

  • Sports 
  • Foreign language classes
  • Music and dance
  • Art classes
  • Photography 
  • Martial arts classes

Apart from these options, you will encounter a wide range of activities that will let your child explore their interests, hobbies, and passions. Some of these are:

  • Field trips 
  • Volunteering
  • Community service 

All these aspects give your child the opportunity to experience a life that is outside the classroom, giving them real-world experiences right from their school days. 

5. Chances for Global Citizenship and Career Development

Many of the international high schools in Singapore heavily invest in educators by recruiting some of the best talents across the globe. These instructors are experts in some of the important subjects, such as Geography, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and History.

The instructors at these top high schools will always adopt unique approaches while teaching the students. Irrespective of the subject, they will help students understand the concept, develop their problem-solving skills as well and teach them about practical applications. 

It’s not just enough to know certain terms and concepts associated with a topic, it is also imperative to understand other technical implications and practical usage of these concepts. Therefore, innovative teaching approaches are crucial for subjects like Physics, Math, Biology, Computer, and Chemistry where practical and real-world applications matter a lot. 

The teachers help ensure that what the students are learning is of value to them, and not just something they learn to pass exams. 

Final Thoughts

Singapore has some of the best and most reputed high schools that focus on providing an exceptional learning experience to students. One of them is GIIS [Global Indian International School], which offers the best education to all its students. 

The school offers a much better fee structure just like other institutions’ Kindergarten Singapore fees and also has a host of extra-curricular activities for students. If you are a parent wishing for an innovative and enriching learning experience for your child, GIIS would be a reliable institution to consider. Check out their site to learn more about the admission process. 

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